•  We have created a ‘brainstorming’ forum that allows scholars, graduate students, librarians and curators who are working on primary sources around the world to be connected via an ongoing intellectual dialogue with like-minded professionals and to discuss the materials they are working on. The forum is designed in such a way that you can post pictures of the materials you are working on with a comment about what you need from the Community. It will be up to other members to give you their opinion, insights, ideas, etc.
  • Click HERE to access the forum of the Interactive Community.


IMPORTANT: In order to access and use the forum, you need an ID and a Password. If you intend to be part of this community, please send an email to Dr Laura Moretti ( giving the following information:

–        Institution and position

–        Area of study

–        Why you need to engage with fellow scholars


By subscribing to the Forum you will automatically become a member of J-PATS.


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International collaboration


  • J-PATS actively seeks collaboration with other institutions engaged in the areas that fall under the remit of the network.Ongoing international collaboration:

University of Pennsylvania

  • a. Prof Linda Chance and Prof Julie Davis organize and host a yearly hentaigana-kuzushiji workshop at the University of Pennsylvania, taught by Dr Laura Moretti.
    • Click HERE for the call for interest for the 2015 workshop. COMING SOON!
  • b. Weekly joint reading sessions for PhD students in Cambridge and University of Pennsylvania.


Click HERE for more information. COMING SOON!

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